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Gaston’s Tavern

Gaston’s Tavern is one of our new FAVORITE places to stop for a snack in the Magic Kingdom!

Check out the size of these cinnamon rolls… (Yes, that is a hat for size reference!) These snacks are as big as your head!

Cinnamon Rolls at Gaston’s Tavern

These cinnamon rolls will cost you $4.49 (January 2017) or 1 snack credit. They are served warm and will easily fill up 2 (or 3) tummies. Gaston’s Tavern also serves fruit cups, veggies and dip, and hummus and chips. As parents of picky eaters, we often bribe our kids to eat their veggies with a sweet treat so if you’re in the same boat, you can make that happen at Gaston’s Tavern!

Lefou’s Brew is a delightful drink we love as well. The beverage itself is an icy apple drink topped with mango foam and can be used as 1 snack credit. The kids don’t love the mango foam as much as we do so we sip that off the top and share 2 brews for the 4 of us. It is a fabulous way to cool down on a hot day in the Magic Kingdom!

The souvenir goblet (sold separately) is a fun way to have your drink served, but it is only plastic and we’ve used it maybe 2 or 3 times since buying it the first time we visited in November of 2015.  We recommend skipping the goblet and enjoying Lefou’s Brew as a snack credit. Sip it while you wait in line for StoryTime with Belle!

But watch out for the brain freeze!

Menu at Gaston’s Tavern

Make sure to check out the dining room on both sides of Gaston’s Tavern! The antler chandelier is pretty impressive and Gaston’s Man Cave Atmosphere is pretty fun place to enjoy your treats.


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