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2017 Disney Dining Plan ~New Info!

I have to say that I was surprised to buy my first snack at Walt Disney World in January and find that I had 47 more snacks to go!

Last time we were in Disney World, we had 24 snack credits total for our family of 4 for the week. I thought there must be some mistake!

Green Tea Cake

But I was happily surprised to find that we did, indeed, have 47 more snacks to go! Instead of clustering our Quick Service meals together like before (1 entree, 1 beverage, 1 dessert)…those desserts were magically transformed into snack credits to use at any time! Hooray!

I remember on our last trip we were always grabbing a cupcake or a packaged chocolate chip cookie so we wouldn’t waste that included dessert (and had cupcakes overflowing in our mini fridge by the end of the week! Way. Too. Many!). Now that this amazing change has taken place, we have snack credits galore! To use on breakfast snacks, desserts, or snacks any time of day!

Thanks Disney! Good call!


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