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Preventing Blisters at Disney World: For Grown-Ups & Kids!

Prevent Blisters at Walt Disney WorldNothing can thwart the magic of a Walt Disney World trip like sore blisters and aching feet! During our last trip, I thought I was well prepared for all the walking; brought my favorite crocs, tennis shoes, and flip flops…thought I was good to go! Boy was I wrong! By mid-week, I had two huge blisters that really hurt. I missed out on half of a days planned activities because of it and I was bummed! I’ve been researching how to prevent this from happening again so that I’m better prepared next trip!

(January 2017 Trip Update: NO BLISTERS! I took moleskin and put them on my trouble spots ahead of time and I only used 2 pair of shoes the whole time: My favorite tennis shoes and my supportive crocs. It was a great week!)

There is a great post over on the Dis Boards from a triathlete. I want to summarize that post in case it ever gets moved or deleted. This is my plan for next time:

  1. Make sure the shoes you wear have been broken in for several months. Don’t buy a brand new pair of shoes for hours and hours of walking. I’ve purchased brand-new Crocs for a trip before and I definitely regretted it because they hadn’t been broken in.
  2. Wear good, supportive shoes a little bit bigger than your normal shoe size. Your feet will swell after miles of walking at WDW! A little more space will keep your feet from rubbing the wrong way.
  3. Don’t wear cotton socks because they absorb moisture and stay wet! Buy sport socks made with synthetic materials.
  4. Put Body Glide ointment on your feet to prevent chafing.


Here are a few other tips to prevent blisters that could also be helpful. 

  1. Moleskin and Blister Block are two products that come highly recommended as a pre-emptive strike against blisters…especially when you know there are areas of your feet more prone to blister.
  2. Take a good, comfy, pair of shoes that you’ve worn in well for each day. Yes, you read that correctly…wear a different pair of shoes every day so that your feet don’t rub in the same spot over and over all week. Some people wear tennis shoes in the morning, crocs (or similar) in the afternoon and flip-flops in the evening. My kids do well with tennis shoes in the morning and crocs in the evening.
  3. Disney to the rescue! Disney will help take care of your aching feet if you visit the First Aid station generally located close to the entrance of each park next to the Baby Care Centers.  There are nurses available during park hours to help bandage you up but if you don’t want that extra treatment they will give you bandages and a few other first aid supplies for free!


How about you? Do you get blisters at WDW? What has worked for you? We’d love to hear your tips!

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