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Favorite Walt Disney World Things to Do for Preschoolers

20151105_010708If you’ve got preschoolers in the house, these are must-do events when traveling to Walt Disney World recommended by our resident 5 year old!

  1. Splash Mountain-“I love that it’s so fast and that there is a big splash at the end.”
  2. Buzz Light Year-“I like the superheroes and stuff.”
  3. “A cool thing to see is the water slide at the Yacht Club right before you go eat the Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream”.
  4. “I LOVE the dinner at Cinderella’s castle.”
  5. “I loved Beauty and the Beast Story time. I got to dress up in the play and Belle held my hand!”
  6. “The giant chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches at the Magic Kingdom are the best!”
  7. Fireworks in the Magic Kingdom: “Tinkerbell flying overhead starting the fireworks over Cinderella’s castle is awesome!”

A tip from Mom:

Preschoolers want nearly everything they see at Disney World! A great idea that totally worked immediately for our preschoolers was to  tell them we would take a picture of each souvenir they loved so we could look at them at the end of the week and decide which souvenir was their favorite. They had fun taking the pictures and then looking through them at the end of the week! We gave them a budget and allowed them to pick one or two of their favorites to take home within their budget!

Post by Lady Love (age 5)

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