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Kingdom Strollers vs. Disney Stroller Rental ….Kingdom Strollers for the Win!


Let’s talk about strollers at Walt Disney World. Our kids needed a stroller at Disney up until they were five years old! It is just such a huge place and little legs can’t keep up sometimes. Plus, when we go to Disney World, we almost always plan on staying as late as possible and “closing down the parks!” This means at least one child is going to fall asleep during the fireworks. And when your child falls asleep in their stroller on the way to the buses, you’ll do just about anything to keep them sleeping.

At one point, I was willing to pay an extra thousand dollars to stay at a monorail resort (Polynesian, Grand Floridian & Contemporary) to be able to push my sleeping child onto the monorail at day’s end and push them right into their rooms without collapsing the stroller! I’m no longer in that crazy, over-stressed-mom stage of my life…but I remember it well!

It is such a great thing when the little ones settle down for their naps after lunch at a Disney Park and you can push them right onto the monorail and onto another adventure at Magic Kingdom or Epcot. The problem here is that if you’ve rented a park stroller, you cannot take it from park to park.

As I said previously, our five-year-old has needed a stroller at Disney in the past. He was too big to still have a stroller at home that we could bring along and we were using our other jogging stroller for our infant, so we had a problem. We didn’t want to buy a new stroller just for one week at Disney and the park rentals are expensive and uncomfortable.

Enter the solution: Companies like Kingdom Strollers to the rescue!

Kingdom Strollers delivers the stroller (and cribs/bedding, if needed) right to you at your resort or hotel. Kingdom Strollers is also a preferred Disney provider so they can even deliver right to the Disney parks if you need a last minute rental or realize your child won’t sleep well in a Disney rented stroller. You use the stroller just like if you had brought your own. No waking up exhausted children at the end of your day to carry them to the bus or the tram. The strollers are clean, comfortable, recline-able jogging strollers and they even offer doubles and strollers for children with special needs.

city-mini_01The City Mini Single™ is the lightest and most compact of all the singles making it the perfect park companion. 

      Features include:

  • Easy one-handed folding
  • Large clam shell canopy
  • Storage under seat and on seat back
  • Parent console included
  • Best for kids up to 44” in height
  • 50lb maximum capacity

Kingdom Strollers has some great info on their FAQ page including the answers to these common questions:

Why would I rent a stroller?

Can’t I just rent one from the parks?city-mini-double_01

(I loved their answer here so I’m reprinting it ) Yes….you can. They are $16 a day for a single and $31 for a double. They are made of hard plastic, don’t recline and you CANNOT take them out of the park. Sounds fantastic…..doesn’t it?

All strollers from Kingdom Strollers have padded seats, fully recline and you can take them ANYWHERE you want….and trust us, the last thing you want is to have to carry a sleeping child back to the car at 11:30 at night with 30,000 other people bee-lining for the same monorail you are.

Kingdom Stroller City Mini Single™ Prices  

1-3 Nights Rental $40.00 Total
4-7 Nights Rental $60.00 Total
8-10 Nights Rental $80.00 Total

Kingdom Stroller DOUBLES Prices

1-3 Nights Rental $50.00 Total
4-7 Nights Rental $70.00 Total
8-10 Nights Rental $90.00 Total

Disney Stroller Pricing

Single Stroller 

  • Daily: $15
  • Multi-Day (Length of Stay): $13

Double Stroller 

  • Daily: $31
  • Multi-Day (Length of Stay): $27


As you can see….If you need the stroller for more than a day or 2, you’re not going to want to rent a hard shell stroller that you can’t take out of the park with you…Kingdom Strollers is a WAY BETTER deal all the way around.

The cost savings is enough to give Kingdom Strollers your business, but when you find out more about this family…you’ll want to support them even more!

Kingdom Strollers is owned and operated by Matt and Angela Wilhite. I interviewed Matt for this article. Let’s get to know them a bit better.

Tell us about your company history

We are a small, family owned business started with the goal of being able to spend more time with my family. After 10 years as a restaurant General Manager, I wanted to find a way to be able to enjoy the early years of my son as he grew. We started our business in the fall of 2010 with the hope of making $500 that we could use to provide a little financial breathing room. We cleaned strollers in the kitchen of our condo and I would deliver them in our Corolla.

I quit my career just four months after starting this business. We thank the Lord for his guidance everyday and for the blessing that we have in being the stewards over what he has provided. Today we have an 8,000 square foot warehouse with 45 employees. Angela and myself run the company along with our manager Julio.

How did you become a featured Disney stroller provider?

We became a Disney Featured provider when Disney decided to whittle down the number of companies they would allow to continue to be able to make use of their luggage rooms. There were about 20 companies that were renting strollers and it had gotten chaotic for Disney to deal with. We were one of three companies chosen to continue to work with Disney. It’s a great honor.

Tell us what makes you different from the other Disney stroller providers and why should families with young children choose you?

We work hard to provide great guest service and I think our reputation shows that. We really care about the experience our guests have because they are just that….our guests. We also have what I believe to be the cleanest strollers out there. They are laundered between each rental….a tremendous amount of work, but one I think really creates a difference.

Is it necessary for an advance reservation or if families get to Disney and realize they need a stroller, is it likely you will have one available?

I always recommend reserving as far in advance as possible. Even with 1,600 strollers, we will book out completely during certain months

What is your favorite Disney Planning tip for families with young children?

When you visit Disney, take it slow. There are so many small things that can get passed over trying to rush from one Fastpass to another. Enjoy being together and enjoy the atmosphere. It’s like no other.

Thanks, Matt!

Make sure to check out all of the fantastic reviews Kingdom Strollers is getting on their site!


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