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Disney with Littles: Top Five Things You Can’t Leave Home Without!

Guest Post By Alexa

Traveling to Disney with a lot of littles can be both doable and fun! Just don’t leave home without these top 5 things!

(Right now we have kids ages 18mo, 3, 5, 7, 10,  & 11. We were at Disney World most recently in August.)

  1. Sippy cups leashes like these HERE:

I bought these exact ones at Walmart and they were close to $5 each. Right now my family doesn’t have a little one attached to a certain sippy cup, but we used them to tether lovies (which they are attached to) to the stroller. Can you imagine being in the park with a tired little one and you can’t find their special thing?? It would be a nightmare. My 18 month old is attached to a stuffed bear and my 3 year-old has a blanket. I attached both of these lovies with SippiGrips to the stroller. The leash is long enough for little ones to sit in the stroller and hold on to the special something all while still staying attached! Thank you, SippiGrips, for the peace of mind!

  1. Ok, maybe this is obvious, but BRING YOUR STROLLER.

Even older ones need to rest their legs sometimes. My family likes to go all day – show up when the park opens and stay until it closes. One way we are able do this is by having portable resting stations! J With six kids, we take two strollers, one double and one single. You can also rent them from places like I have an ancient Graco DuoGlider that I just use for trips. I’ve thought about upgrading, but mine has 4 mesh cup holders built into the umbrellas, which is a feature that really comes in handy.

  1. Now, talking about cup holders, THIS is something I must have in the future:

img_4554I have never taken one to DisneyWorld before, but I saw one while at the park and had to snap a picture! You can bet I will never go to the park again without one! Pure Genius! Any family with littles knows that there will always be STUFF, so don’t waste the bottom storage of the stroller with cups and spray fans!  Easy access to water bottles and fans comes from using a shoe holder zip tied to the stroller. Maybe I will decide to upgrade my stroller after all.

  1. Of course you’ll want to bring Ponchos, Umbrellas, and Spray Fans.

You can buy these things in the park, but it will cost more money and use up some of your time.  You don’t want the weather to slow you down from having fun – hot or wet. Spray fans are easy to refill and it’s amazing what a little cool down can do for a cranky little one. My 18mo old loved to play with one and even spray it himself – easy entertainment, guys.  Two in One: Entertainment and cool down.

  1. Label Everything: Bring Masking Tape, a Sharpie and Liquid Band-aid.

Before we left this last time, I took time to label all the water bottles, spray bottles, lovies, and even the baby’s shoes. I just tried to think through anything that might fall out of the stroller or get dropped and I labeled it. Then of course, I brought the supplies along, because, as you might guess, I realized there were some things that I missed.  But what about the liquid Band-Aid? How about labeling your children? If there was any place to lose a child, it should be at a Disney park. They have better detectives than the Scotland Yard I think. So well trained and calm… how do I know? Maybe that’s a guest post for another time. 😉 However, should it happen that one of your littles wanders off, I have no doubt that they will be found. Finding their grown ups is what might be hard! It has been suggested that writing the adult’s phone number on their arm and covering with liquid Band-Aid is a wonderful option. It is sweat-proof, water-proof and ensures a quick reunion.

No matter what you decide to take with you, I know your family will have a magical time in the Happiest Place on Earth! Happy Traveling!

About the Author: Alexa is a Dance Instructor and Homeschooling mom of 6! Thanks for your great advice, Alexa!

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