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Disney in the Fall…is it Worth it?

cropped-20151102_1212231.jpgLast year we visited Disney as a family the last week of October into the first week of November! It was SUCH a magical time! Read more about it here.

Booking a trip to Disney World during the fall months can save you a lot of money! The problem with planning a Disney Trip in the fall is that you are saving because it is Tropical Storm season in Florida, Orlando residents are back in school, and crowds are generally quite low.  For the past fifteen years we’ve planned vacations during the fall months because of the discounted prices but almost every time, we’ve ran into severe weather.

Free Disney Dining and up to 30% off room rates can usually be found during the fall season…but is it worth it?

We visited in September several years ago and we experienced a tropical storm mid-week. We visited in September a few years after that and had a severe storm on the front and back end of our stay. The crowds were low and we still enjoyed quite a bit of magical adventuring…but it was wet!

Our kids love the rain so it didn’t matter much to them…although covering strollers and keeping little ones from slipping in a wet patch is not much fun for mom and dad!

The last time we visited, we planned it for the last week of October in the hopes of missing out on storm season….and it was absolutely beautiful. Crowds were lower, we didn’t experience any storms at all and the weather was amazing. Still hot,even! We ended up traveling back to our resort mid-day–everyday– to swim at the pool and cool off.

Passporter’s Walt Disney World Guide book says: “If you ask us, the best time to visit is November-February”…and I quite agree. We’ve had great experiences in both November and February and our next trip is planned for January. In the future we plan to book our trips at the end of the fall season or mid-winter to still get in on the discounted rates.

Undercover Tourist offers an in-depth crowd calendar with up to 1 year of future predictions for each park based on weather and past trends. It is a great tool to use as you plan your trip!

Have you ever been to WDW in the fall? What was your experience?

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