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Christmas Magic in the Fall!

We had no idea the magic we were in for!

We arrived at the Disney World Resort on November 1, 2015. After a super-late flight and a quick stop at the beach for the kids to pick up some shell souvenirs, we arrived at the Polynesian Resort ready to crash as soon as we were allowed to check-in!

The next day we started our Theme Park tour with the Magic Kingdom, just like we alwayscropped-20151102_121223.jpg do. The park was still decorated for fall on Monday November 2nd. We enjoyed the pumpkins and fall colors. It was a beautiful day!

Little did we know that Magic Fairies would be working all night to change the Magic Kingdom into a Winter Wonderland! The very next morning we arrived and all that fall décor had disappeared….the Magic Kingdom now looked like this:enhance1h4gg9bh


The only thing that made it believable was the fact that we were in the Magic Kingdom! Christmas had descended all over our favorite place in the Walt Disney World Resort!

So…if you’re planning a fall trip to WDW, remember that Christmas Magic begins early at Walt Disney World!


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